Why I don’t want to write about my wedding day


What dinosaur?

In the run up to our elopement, when we were planning and dreaming and talking excitedly into the night, I assumed I would a post about it after it has happened.

But it’s now been over a week since we got married and I still have no desire to write about it. Although I think I may have figured out why.

I write to make sense of things, untangle difficult situations and ideas in my brain, and to extract lessons from experiences I’ve had. I have no blog post to write about my wedding day because we did exactly what we wanted and were really really happy. That’s just not a very interesting article.

There is no complicated lesson to extract from that. Just… follow you heart. Even if that does lead you to a dinosaur museum, Tesco supermarket, picnic, sandcastles and paddling.

2015-08-15 13.16.00

With some flowers bought for us by a kind stranger in Tesco.

I’m so glad I did. Everything felt right.

Here is me wearing a wedding dress in the sea.

Here is me wearing a wedding dress in the sea.

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