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The vulnerability of sharing

Hi there folks, and welcome to part two of what I’m thinking of calling “The Anxiety Diaries”. Part one saw our intrepid heroine pour her heart out into a blog post and share it on Facebook and Twitter. She had loads of supportive messages from internet friends, IRL friends, and total strangers, telling her she was brave and that she wasn’t alone.

Sounds like a happy ending right? And it was kind of happy, I was blown away by how nice everyone was being to me. The following morning I woke up feel pretty embarrassed and worried that I was attention seeking. Do I deserve all these people being nice to me? I don’t think so.

I tried to blame it on the patriarchy. Woman are taught to just get on with it, and to not speak up about who they are. Society is making me feel shame!

In the end I just felt confused and even more tired.
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