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My life as a collection

For as long as I can remember, I have been a collector of things. I come home with pockets full of pebbles, shells and beer bottles. I have flowers and leaves pressed between pages of books, and scrapbooks full of tickets, cards and photographs. I love to buy postcards of places I’ve been.

Every year, as a family, we went on holiday to Greece. Every year, I bought a little porcelin house as a souvenir. They line up in my childhood bedroom: fifteen years of different islands and happy memories.
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2015 in review

As 2015 is almost over, I thought I would have a look back over some of the things that I’ve done.

I recommend that you do this actually, because when I first sat down with a pen and paper (I do my best thinking unplugged) to write a list I didn’t think I had done that much. But I discovered that not only had I done more things than I thought I had, a lot of them are really awesome things that I’m proud of.
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