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Changing my mind about Facebook (again)


In 2014 my anxiety about life became enough for me to go to the doctors and be booked on to a course of CBT. One of the things I learnt about myself is that I tend to sabotage myself using “All or Nothing Thinking”. For example, “I can’t show restraint so I’m going to eat nothing.” Or in this case, “I find some parts of Facebook problematic and difficult so I’m going to delete my account.”

When asked about not being on Facebook I’ve been telling people that it has been bad for my social life but good for my mental health. For most of the last ten months I have been super happy with this trade off, but in the last few weeks not being on Facebook has started to frustrate me. I’ve wanted to group message friends, take part in discussions that happen in a Facebook group, or stay in touch with someone that’s moving away. Of course, there are other ways of doing these things. But Facebook is the easiest. And it’s got to the point that the only reason I am not on Facebook is because I made a big show about deleting my account and I’m embarrassed about telling people that I’ve changed my mind.
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Breaking up with Facebook

FacebookAlthough its most literal interpretation is about reducing physical clutter, to me minimalism is about letting go of anything that no longer serves me.

To be honest, it has been a while since I thought Facebook was enriching my life. If anything, a Facebook account is just something I feel like I should have. Everybody does, right?

At Alive this year, there was a lot of discussion about how to bridge the gap between knowing your truth and living your truth. Most of us know what we value and what makes us happy but we find our time and energy getting sucked into other things. Facebook seems to take more of my time and energy than I the value I get back in return.

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