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Things that I made in June and July


I finished this cardigan. Wahoo! Overall, the wool cost me £36 (although I do have some leftover for another project). So making my own clothes isn’t saving me money, but I don’t think that’s the point. I am pleased that I made something that looks like this, and taught myself some new skills in the process.
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“I made it!” monthly: February 2016

I've knitted my first pair of socks!

I’ve knitted my first pair of socks!

For most of the month I continued to work on the socks that I started in January. I finished them a week or so ago and have already worn them a couple of times – I can report that they are very warm and comfortable. Luckily, they also didn’t fall apart in the washing machine.

Once I finished the socks, I did something very unusual for me and actually paid for a pattern! (I tend to either make things from books that I’m given as presents, download free patterns from ravelry.com, or make it up.) The pattern I bought was this Oversized Chunky Box Jumper from Frank&Olive.
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“I made it!” monthly: January 2016

I seem to be on a roll with knitting at the moment. Which is weird, because for years I have struggled with anything more complicated than a scarf.

I had a note from Nicole Antoinette (they’re great – I recommend you subscribe) the other week that talked about how we don’t need motivation to take action. In fact, it’s action that leads to momentum that leads to motivation.

That’s what happened with knitting for me. I felt socially obliged to try and knit this tea cosy, because my husband gave it to me and I had let it sit in its box for 9 months. Ungrateful? Not quite. I was convinced it was too complicated for me. But in the end, I gave it a go and it wasn’t that difficult. I was so proud of myself! And that gave me the momentum to try knitting a hat, which I did in an afternoon, and a sweater, which I finished in December.

Which leads me on to January.

Kate wearing the jumper she made.

This happens to be my most liked photograph on Instagram ever.

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Living to learn

2015-12-06 19.08.40-2

Knitting a tea cosy, hat, and then a sweater or two has brought me so much joy.

When I dragged him to Hobbycraft to buy more wool last weekend, my husband commented, “You were so adamant that you were a crocheter who couldn’t knit, and now you’re knitting all this stuff.”

Somehow I had forgotten that learning new skills, conquering something I thought I could never do, is one of the core things that makes life worth living for me.
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What do socks have to do with comfort zones?


I went to a sock making workshop in November. I found it quite challenging – I hadn’t knitted in a few years and never in a round – but ultimately rewarding. I skipped home to show off my tiny demo sock and immediately spent too much money ordering sock yarn on the internet. I’m going to make so many socks! In so many different colours! Knitting socks is going to be my thing!
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