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The Mad-Eye Moody method of mindfulness practice


Gretchen Rubin has a theory that we are all either abstainers or moderators. Abstainers find it easier to give something up entirely, and moderators can have a little bit of something and then stop.

When I first heard this theory, it made sense to me and I believed myself to be an abstainer. It’s true that the best way for me to not binge eat is to not have the foods that I tend to binge on in the house. But ultimately, this categorisation of myself wasn’t very helpful because it meant that if I did eat a piece of chocolate, I could justify eating the whole box because “I’m an abstainer so I actually can’t stop.” Then, feeling sick with sugar and shame, I would vow never to touch chocolate ever again. And I wouldn’t. Until the next time I ate far too much in one go.

Eventually, I decided to try just eating one piece of chocolate, or having a few spoonfuls of ice-cream without devouring the whole tub. And while it is difficult, I found that it is perfectly possible to put the food away and not finish it. After a while of doing this, it became easier to enjoy a small amount but know when to stop.

So, I much as I admire other things that Gretchen has to say, I’m calling bullshit on the abstainer-moderator theory because at it’s best it gives us an excuse not to try and change our behaviour, and at worst encourages the cycle of bingeing and purging. It reinforces the message that we are “just like this”, that there is no other way.
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A capsule wardrobe experiment (part 3)

Read part 1 and part 2 of this story here.

So, it’s nearly the end of May. I cut my capsule wardrobe short by about a week because I wanted to wear some of the things I picked up at a clothes swap a few days ago.

How did it go?

It went great. I took one jumper out of the suitcase, but apart from that I dressed exclusively from my capsule wardrobe and didn’t miss anything at all.

To be honest, it wasn’t a big a deal as I made it out to be. I didn’t feel restricted, and my style didn’t look or feel that different (just more refined, I guess). It did make dressing less stressful, but it also meant I needed to do laundry regularly.
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A capsule wardrobe experiment (part 2)

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This is part two of my capsule wardrobe post. In the first post I talked about why I wanted to do a capsule wardrobe experiment, and the 7 steps I took to do it. This post is my “ideal wardrobe list” (steps 2-2), shopping list (step 4-5) and what I bought (step 7).

My April and May Capsule Wardrobe


  1. to test out a new grown up style, for a short period of time and on a budget.
  2. to test out the benefits of having a capsule wardrobe.

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A capsule wardrobe experiment (part 1)


Although I buy and discard clothes fairly regularly, my person style hasn’t changed much in the last ten years. It’s a little bit all over the place but is mostly leggings with dresses and boots, worn with layers of cardigans and scarves and beaded jewellery. These days, I’m feeling a bit of a disconnect. I am craving more simplicity – less colours and patterns. I am also just not wanting to dress in the same way as I did when I was in my early twenties. Now unable to deny that I am in fact, in the latter half of this decade (I turn 28 in June), I want to have a more grown up style.

Whenever I have felt inspired to change the way I dress in the past I have immediately rushed out on a shopping trip. I buy a few items that are “different” and then these items get put into my regular wardrobe and have generally been worn as part of a very familiar looking outfit. This time, I have approached it like the grown up I want to be: with stated aims, numbered lists, and a budget.
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“I made it!” monthly: February 2016

I've knitted my first pair of socks!

I’ve knitted my first pair of socks!

For most of the month I continued to work on the socks that I started in January. I finished them a week or so ago and have already worn them a couple of times – I can report that they are very warm and comfortable. Luckily, they also didn’t fall apart in the washing machine.

Once I finished the socks, I did something very unusual for me and actually paid for a pattern! (I tend to either make things from books that I’m given as presents, download free patterns from ravelry.com, or make it up.) The pattern I bought was this Oversized Chunky Box Jumper from Frank&Olive.
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“I made it!” monthly: January 2016

I seem to be on a roll with knitting at the moment. Which is weird, because for years I have struggled with anything more complicated than a scarf.

I had a note from Nicole Antoinette (they’re great – I recommend you subscribe) the other week that talked about how we don’t need motivation to take action. In fact, it’s action that leads to momentum that leads to motivation.

That’s what happened with knitting for me. I felt socially obliged to try and knit this tea cosy, because my husband gave it to me and I had let it sit in its box for 9 months. Ungrateful? Not quite. I was convinced it was too complicated for me. But in the end, I gave it a go and it wasn’t that difficult. I was so proud of myself! And that gave me the momentum to try knitting a hat, which I did in an afternoon, and a sweater, which I finished in December.

Which leads me on to January.

Kate wearing the jumper she made.

This happens to be my most liked photograph on Instagram ever.

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5 Things I’ve Learnt Whilst Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

Faced with moving abroad in a few months, and generally wanting to live a more focused less cluttered live, I’ve spent the past few weeks sorting through my wardrobe. My dream is a capsule wardrobe of a few good quality items that all work well with each other. It’s a work in progress, but thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learnt so far.
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