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Lately I’ve been reading memoirs

So I’ve decided to stop being anxious about money and bought some of the books that have been on my amazon wishlist for a while. All I want to read right now are memoirs by awesome women. Here are a few of the best:


How a bad girl fell in love by Girl on the Net

I have been reading Girl on the Net‘s blogs for years, mainly for the erotica, but fully on board with the feminism too. I knew this was going to be different to her blog and to her first book, since writing about love tends to be different to writing about sex. What I didn’t expect was how much, despite having a very different relationship history, I was able to relate. This book is as much about living with high functioning anxiety as it is about relationships. Girl on the Net writes about both with intelligence and self-awareness. I gave me the opportunity to reflect on my own approach to relationships, as well as being a very entertaining read.
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Why do we keep books we will never re-read?


John Waters famously said, “If you go home with somebody and they don’t have books, don’t fuck them.” People have quoted this to me when I tell them I’m giving books away. But surely the implication that somebody without books is somebody who doesn’t read became redundant as soon as kindles caught on? Even before e-readers the person who you go home with who has no books could be a minimalist who reads, they just give books away as soon as they finish them. And the person who you go home with who has a shelf full of books might not read. Let’s face it, all a shelf full of books says about someone is that they have a shelf full of books.

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