Measuring time with crochet

The evenings are getting darker and our bodies are crying out for comfort food. Now is the perfect time of year to spend making blankets.

Here is one I finished at the weekend:


I didn’t have a plan when I set out. I just started putting stripes of leftovers together to see where it took me. Almost like a metaphor for life. I think it turned out okay.


Sometimes I measure time in crochet. Since starting this I:

Have been a bridesmaid for two of my best friends.

Got a promotion at work.

Dyed my hair pink.

Moved to a new room.

Took my first solo holiday.

Fell in love.

Got my first tattoo.

Got my second tattoo.

Sold my car and used the money to buy a new bike.

Helped my Grandma move, and said goodbye to the house and garden that are home to so many of my childhood memories.

Ran my first half marathon.

Tried my first bacon milkshake.

Baked my first loaf of bread.

Started volunteering with Age UK.


When I started writing that list, I didn’t expect it to be that long. This could be because it takes me a long time to finish crochet projects. It could also mean that, even though we might think our lives don’t change, it only takes a few minutes to remember all the ways that they have.

I wonder what will be different at the end of my next blanket?

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