“I made it!” monthly: February 2016

I've knitted my first pair of socks!

I’ve knitted my first pair of socks!

For most of the month I continued to work on the socks that I started in January. I finished them a week or so ago and have already worn them a couple of times – I can report that they are very warm and comfortable. Luckily, they also didn’t fall apart in the washing machine.

Once I finished the socks, I did something very unusual for me and actually paid for a pattern! (I tend to either make things from books that I’m given as presents, download free patterns from ravelry.com, or make it up.) The pattern I bought was this Oversized Chunky Box Jumper from Frank&Olive.

I haven’t been following it hugely well though. I started making it with a load of black wool that I inherited from my Grandma, rather than the recommended yarn. Because I wasn’t sure if I would have enough, I made it much shorter. But now I have yarn left over, I’m crocheting around the bottom to make it the intended length.

Currently a crochet crop top!

Currently a crochet crop top!

Somebody else might have been able to work this all out before they started (maybe by weighing the yarn?) But I approach crochet as I approach life. I throw myself into things and learn how to do them as I go. I can’t bring myself to read instruction manuals – choosing instead to put things together and take them apart until I get it right. Self acceptance means working with this rather than beating myself up about it.

In March, I plan to finish this jumper, work on these socks that I’ve started for a colleague, and maybe have a go at something from this book.

What is everyone else working on this month?

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