How to make a sock penguin

Last week the hole in one of my favourite socks grew too large to repair and I had to throw it away. This left me wondering what to do with its pair, which didn’t have a hole in but was made redundant as a sock by the loss of its partner.

The answer, of course, was to use some scraps of felt and a pair of buttons to turn it into a penguin. Here’s how I did it.


1. I cut off the tow of the sock and closed half of it up with needle and thread.


2. I turned it the right way out, filled it with stuffing and finished stitching up the gap. This is the penguin’s body.


3. I cut the stomach out of white felt and sewed it to the body.


4. I cut feet and a beak out of orange felt and sewed them on.


5. I cut wings out of red felt and sewed them to its back.


6. I sewed a couple of white buttons on the front to be eyes.

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