Everything you need

When I have an idea for a new project, I find myself making a shopping list of everything I need. A couple of weeks ago, when I started jogging to work, I treated myself to some new running clothes to inspire me. This week, I decided I wanted to start drawing again. I thought about when I’d have time to go to a stationery shop to get some new pens and a sketchbook. It was only when I couldn’t find the time that I considered using the pen and paper that I already owned. I realised that I prepare myself for things by stocking up on supplies.

But actually, life is less about your tools and more about your attitude.

  • You don’t need a new cookbook to eat well.
  • You don’t need a new ipod to start running.
  • You don’t need a new outfit for a date.
  • You don’t need a new notebook, or laptop, to start writing.

Most of the time, you don’t need anything new to start something new. You just need to be brave enough to show up.

If you look for one, there’s always an excuse not to do something. I can’t go out, I have nothing to wear. I can’t cook at home because my kitchen is too small. The hardest thing about anything is starting. Usually, you have everything you need. Quite often, the only thing stopping you is fear.

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