Creating and connecting


A couple of weeks ago, an amazing thing happened. It started because one of my housemates wanted some company while she was cooking soup for the week. So I brought my latest crochet project (see above) down from my room to work on while I chatted to her. Another housemate came in and, seeing us both in the kitchen, came and sat next to me instead of heading straight to her room. When Sasha has finished cooking, she went upstairs to fetch beads, needle and thread. Zoe asked if I would lend her a hook and some yarn and teach her how to crochet. Each absorbed in our work, we sat talking for about five hours. This never happens.

The following Sunday afternoon, I decided to work on the crochet blanket at the kitchen table again. It wasn’t planned beforehand, but Sasha and Zoe joined me with their respective creative projects: a beaded bracelet and a pile of clothes that needed mending or altering. Like the previous week, I went to bed feeling like I had experienced meaningful conversations* with two amazing women.

This is one example of a phenomenon I have experienced so much it’s now a principle that I live by. Being creative alongside people leads to a much deeper connection than spending time as consumers, such as going shopping or watching television. It’s why I seek out knitting groups as ways of making friends in new places, why I take craft projects when I stay with friends, and one of the reasons why I started this blog.

* And one about how attractive (or not) Benedict Cumberbatch is.

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