Craft Punk Manifesto

There is no one way to be creative
It’s up to you
To discover who you are
And make your mark on the world.

Don’t let anyone tell you what to wear
How to make
What to do
How to think.

When they say you need to shop to be happy
To be beautiful
Say Fuck Them
You make your own joy.

You are beautiful
You are worthy
You are loved.

You don’t need the right tools, patterns or materials
You already have everything you need

There is no right
Only what is right for you

Be honest
Be brave
Be kind to yourself and others

Challenge injustice
Fight for your space
And make room for the others
Whose voices are seldom heard.

Be radically honest
Be unapologetically you
The world needs to hear your voice
To see your creations

Don’t be afraid to change your mind
And be forgiving when others do the same
We are all learning

We are creating the world we want to see
Knit by knit
One stitch at a time.