What do socks have to do with comfort zones?


I went to a sock making workshop in November. I found it quite challenging – I hadn’t knitted in a few years and never in a round – but ultimately rewarding. I skipped home to show off my tiny demo sock and immediately spent too much money ordering sock yarn on the internet. I’m going to make so many socks! In so many different colours! Knitting socks is going to be my thing!

Two months later and this is what the first pair I’ve tried to make looks like:

IMG_1311Yes, that’s it. About 8mm of ribbing. Maybe. I haven’t even done enough to work out if I’m doing the stitches correctly. (As I said, I’m not really a knitter).

In contract, I’ve crocheted lots of granny squares for a blanket and finished off a cushion. Stuck in a creative rut, me?

This got me thinking. It’s so easy to do what we’re good at, and not do things that we find more difficult. But leaving your comfort zone can be rewarding. I know this in other areas of my life: I challenge myself when I travel or when I set fitness goals. But I hadn’t thought about it in terms of crafting before.

Ben now I do, I realise that I have been feeling a bit uninspired. Even my crochet is starting to seem more like a chore, whereas when I was doing this blanket I felt creative and challenged and almost literally did nothing else for weeks. I liked the mastery and the colours and how I could see it unfolding before my eyes.

I read a post on Into Mind this week in which Anuschka said “For me, learning is a hugely important part of living mindfully each day. It helps me de-stress, it broadens my horizon and gives me new creative energy.” I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve let this slip over the past few months and I’ve really noticed the difference in terms of how I feel about myself.

This year, I want to try and learn:

  1. Sock knitting.
  2. Piano playing.
  3. New exercise classes.
  4. Sewing.
  5. Writing.
  6. More crafting/DIY.

What’s on your learning list?

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