A capsule wardrobe experiment (part 2)

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This is part two of my capsule wardrobe post. In the first post I talked about why I wanted to do a capsule wardrobe experiment, and the 7 steps I took to do it. This post is my “ideal wardrobe list” (steps 2-2), shopping list (step 4-5) and what I bought (step 7).

My April and May Capsule Wardrobe


  1. to test out a new grown up style, for a short period of time and on a budget.
  2. to test out the benefits of having a capsule wardrobe.


  1. Wardrobe component: skinny jeans
  2. blue skinny jeans – already have
  3. black skinny jeans – need to buy
  4. another pair of jeans (to wear while others are washing!) – already have
  5. red skinny jeans

Total: 4

Wardrobe component: shirts

  1. casual checked shirt for weekend – already have
  2. white shirt – need to buy
  3. interesting print shirt – already have
  4. another interesting print shirt – need to buy

Total: 4 (8)

Wardrobe component: oversized jumpers + cardigans

  1. oversized knitted jumper – already have
  2. lighter weight jumper – already have
  3. oversized cardigan – already have
  4. crochet jumper (basically put this in cos I just finished it and it’s on my mind) – already have

Total: 4 (12)

Wardrobe component: tank tops

To wear underneath shirts. Probably need 3. I have 2, so I need to buy 1 more.

Total: 3 (15)

Wardrobe component: jackets

  1. red blazer – already have
  2. blue blazar – already have
  3. leather jacket – already have

Total: 3 (18)

Wardrobe component: boots

  1. Knee high heeled boots – already have
  2. Flat lace up boots – already have
  3. Flat ankle boots – already have

Total: 3 (21)

Other shoes

  1. leopard print trainers – already have
  2. black pumps – need to buy

Total 2 (23)


  1. thermal vest (for warmth) – already have
  2. black and white striped top – already have
  3. hoody – already have
  4. another hoody – already have
  5. Scarf – already have
  6. Everyday coat – already have
  7. Smart coat – already have
  8. Dress (ought to have one in here) – already have

Total: 8 (31)

Overall total: 31 items

Shopping List – £50 budget

  1. Black skinny jeans
  2. White shirt
  3. Interesting print shirt
  4. Tank top
  5. Black pumps

What I bought

Primark black skinny jeans (which don’t seem to be on their website) £7


Purple tank top, H&M  £3.99

hmprod (1)

Turns out white shirts really don’t suit me, so I bought an orange one, H&M  £19.99

H&M had some beautiful print shirts, but sadly not in my size. I’m going to keep popping back in my lunch hour to see if this changes.

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