Breaking rules


Yesterday I was listening to Nicole Antoinette’s Real Talk Radio interview with Jamie Greenwood. I would recommend listening to the whole thing, but one thing that had me reaching for my notebook was when Jamie said:

It’s an exciting way to live when we can begin to back off from the rules that we hold so tight.

It made me thing about the rules that I used to hold so tight, but found peace and freedom in letting go.

Here are some of my rules and beliefs that I’ve rejected. What are some of yours?

I need to leave a gap of four hours between eating things.

I should not eat sugar.

I can’t let people see me cry.

I can’t wear brown with blue.

I can’t do a social thing without putting on make up.

I can’t have fun without drinking alcohol.

Being unable to hold a tune means I can never sing around other people.

My hips are too wide to wear skinny jeans / tight skirts / dresses that aren’t nipped in at the waist.

I’m too short not to wear heels.

My face is too round to have short hair.

I need to make everybody like me.

I need to keep my house really tidy.

I need to do things I’m uncomfortable with so that other people don’t think I’m boring.

I need to choose whether I have plenty of money or do a job that I care about and that helps other people.

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