Hi there, I’m Kate.

I’m an overly excitable creative introvert with a peanut butter problem. I like walks on the beach, cuddles on the sofa, and long talks with close friends. I think a lot about social justice, inter-sectional feminism, which clothes will go well with each other, and how to style my hair. I’m 28 years old and I live in Oxford, UK. In case this means something to you, I’m an INFJ and a Highly Sensitive Person.

Hurrah! You’ve found my blog – I’m honoured to share my writing with you. Please be nice, blogging is my sanctuary, my corner of the Internet where I can be completely myself.

In my real life, I’m not very good at being honest with people. I guess I’m scared that they’ll judge me. It’s much easier talking to people on the Internet. In real life I get tongue tied, my anxiety gets the better of me and I say nothing at all. But when I write, it flows. I find it much easier to articulate myself.

So this is where I talk about the difficult stuff in my life. I also share the more fun stuff about who I am – outfits, music, and things I make.

To me, it’s all about living a creative life. That’s a life where you are unafraid to be yourself, even when it means being a little different.

I love reading blogs that make me feel less weird and less alone. I hope that through sharing more about my life, I can help a few others feel the same.


I am fascinated by how we can create our best possible life.

My own search for meaning has taken me from India to Berlin, and a dozen places in between. I’ve looked for happiness in self-help books, lifestyle experiments, and incredibly fun but unhealthy relationships. I used to launch myself into new projects with zealous energy, before losing all enthusiasm a few weeks later.

In 2015 I had three months of coaching from the wonderful Sas Petherick, and it dawned on me that I’d known what I wanted all along. I just wouldn’t let myself think it.

I thought that in order to make a positive contribution I needed to know everything about politics and world affairs – even though reading political commentary often made my body scream in frustration. I ignored how trapped I felt by working for a large international development organisation, because I thought it was the right thing to do.

I thought that writing a blog about personal development was horribly self-indulgent. So I would force myself to write about other things, like craft instead. But it didn’t work, I would always relate things back to self love and growth. Despite recognising this as an interest of mine, I was a bit ashamed of it, and would react with horror whenever a friend or family member would admit to reading my blog.

But now I’m done with being embarrassed by my interests. I’m done with being self-conscious. And I’m here to encourage you to do the same.

Sas helped me challenge my negative thoughts, and wake up to the fact that I have everything I need to be happy, as long as I let myself be so. I’d like to help you to be happy too, by sharing what I learn about life on this blog.

I want everybody to feel empowered and it control of their lives.

I believe this is how we will build an empathetic, tolerant  and generous society. Empowered people don’t resent others, don’t deny them opportunities and don’t fear change.

I think building a better world starts with ourselves. Our thoughts, our behavior, and the way we treat others.

A big part of feeling empowered in my own life is the ability to express myself creatively, learn new skills and build relationships with other people.

I believe that making things brings us closer together and allows us to say things about ourselves without using words.

I’d love to build a community of creative freedom-seekers, supporting each other to live the life they were meant to live.

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